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I will be buying, and shipping cacao beans and cacao paste (aka liquor) from Nicaragua in late November, to the USA. This is a mix of their native stock, several different criollo-based hybrids. To my palate, the taste is lovely.

Any serious buyer ought to come down and taste these before buying.
Shipping cacao out of Nicaragua (and other places I think) is not for the faint of heart. Getting it into the US is easier, but not a walk in the park.

Lacking folks' ability to travel for the cacao harvest, I can send 5 kilos via tourist in late October. This would make One kilo per chocolatier-person who will in return
1] make some chocolate with it
2] share with friends
3] Publish a report herein, the good, the bad and the delicious.
Any takers?
Contact me directly if you'd like to do this,

Everyone needs a Chocolate Tasting Board, and I'm happy to provide some fuel. One of these kilos will go to Mr Clay Gordon, from whom we will not expect any public critique.

In January I expect to have some amount of this for sale here in the USA, or maybe December.

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