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I am looking for my next apprentice starting in April or May. This is a year long program in Mount Vernon WA, here at Forte Chocolates. This is a hands-on, high responsibility position that builds upon what they have already learned in school. The primary goals of this program are as follows: 

1. Learn about and participate in various business and production aspects of the chocolate industry, such as wholesale/retail sales, cost of goods, production schedules, inventory management, health codes, and order fulfillment. 

2. Understand the scientific basis of chocolate and sugar work such as crystal structures, emulsions, caramelization, etc. and become familiar with basic industry terms. 

3. Become proficient at tempering chocolate using the seeding method and in the production of a major product line, such as chocolate bars, truffles, or caramels. 

If you have anyone interested, please have them contact me via email at


Compensation: Minimum wage ($8.67) for a period of 1 year while in program. Future wages will be based on skill level obtained.

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