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Hello Friends,


We are closing our chocolate business and sell it as a whole and/or in parts.


We setup a website at: 

Included items are:  Temperer, Molds, Utensils, etc.


I updated the list and added photos of molds, etc.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!





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Hi Wilhelm,

  I am interested in several of the pieces of equipment.  Could you please contact me at



My wife and I are just starting a chocolate business in Seattle WA. There are a couple of things I believe I would like to buy such as the melter and possibly the cutter. I see the melter is something you are trying to get bids on, how does one do that? Direct off of this forum or where?

Please get back to me at



Thank you everyone for your interest!


I am considering all bids on the equipment - the blue numbers are existing bids from people. You can email or call me to let me know that you are interested.I am considering 'all' bids, as some deals may not go through, etc.


We have one person look at the business as a whole today, they will have to decide until Tuesday, July 5th. After that I will finalize the selling processes with everyone interested in the equipment.


I had a very large interest in the chocolate melter (Moldart), but also the Dedy & Temperer. You can get both machines from me for under $30,000, which (considering their condition) is a good deal -- I do understand that they are also the most expensive items and that most chocolatiers already have an enrober to work with.


Don't hesitate to ask any question you may have!





good evening

I am interested in the following small items

 Weighing Scale up 10kgs

Metal Bars


Air Brush


Thank you 

Please contact me at the email  listed

Thank you for your interest Roisin.

There are a few other people interested in these items and I will contact everyone by email before anything is sold. (I will of course also update the website)


I will be out of town next week (July 4th-July 8th). Once I am back I will be in contact by email and a) see if you guys are still interested in the items and b) negotiate the price (in case there are multiple offers on the same item, I will take bids, with the highest bid winning the item).




Alright Guys,


I updated the website and the items listed are still for sale. There are a whole bunch sheet pans left .. also lots of storage boxes for confections.


And if someone needs a fast, efficient tempering machine from Denmark, then I have that too. It tempers each of the 20kg tanks in 25 minutes.


~ Wilhelm

How many of the gray storage boxes do you have a $3.50 each?  If you have 20 or fewer will take all of them. 

Hi David,

I have about 150+ You can email or call me and I can give you an estimate for shipping and let me know how many you would like.

~ Wilhelm

I updated the website and the first post of this topic. I added pictures of many utensils and molds to the website. Let me know if you have any questions!

I do have some people interested in the sinks and the KopyKake right now. All of the other items are readily available ...

Those gray boxes are popular & I have a few left!


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