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Full Line Of chocolate machine starting from 8 kgs to 65 kgs , visit us at and have your own new machine .

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Please note that the manufacturer is in Lebanon.

Dear Sir

all parts are imported from many countries ,

motor is bengifioli italy

heat mat  :france

and most parts we only do assembling with lower labor cost

we succeed in this machine its risk free since we dont receive any bad comments or bad feedback on it you already have all specifications

thank you



Those are only some of the issues for US-based customers. There are the costs of freight, customs clearance, and warranty support.

Please respond to the private e-mail I sent.

:: Clay

We Have offer for 30 kgs machine 5500 usd including shipping to nearest airport while market price 7500 usd (excluding  shipping )

we have full one year support and warranty , since 18 month we dont do any maintenance for any machine , unless two machines the chocolate lifting  wheel is broken during shipping

and other one the castor wheel is broken also during shipping

thank you

The policy of the Classifieds section is that the posts are for USED equipment and that companies in the business of supplying chocolate makers and confectioners must pay a nominal fee. I am in discussion with Mr Milan about this matter (my reference to replying to the private e-mail). Until such time as there is a resolution, this discussion is closed to further comments.

:: Clay


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