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Hi, I have a used Chocovision RevDelta tempering machine for sale. I bought it as a refurbished model a couple years ago but have probably only used it around 10 times. It's in great shape! It comes with some extra scrapers, the users manual and it has both the standard and Holley baffles (I think the Holley baffle alone is valued around $200).

I'm asking $1,400.00

I live in Northern Virginia (suburb of Washington DC) so if you're in this area it will be easy to get it to you. If you're not in this area we can discuss shipping options. I don't know how much it would cost to ship but paying for that would be the buyers responsibility.

I also have several polycarbonate moulds for sale too. If interested please contact me at or post a reply to this ad.


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Hi I don't know if the chocovision will still be available in June. I will be at the Fancy Food show in Washington.

If is ok with you let me know. The show is 17-18-19 of June.



Hi Annie, sorry I just saw this post today. The machine is still available but I probably missed you. Let me know if you're interested and if you might be back in the DC area anytime soon. Mike

Hi Mike ,

Is your machine still available? How about the molds?

Let me know



Is this machine still available???

Hi Wilma, yep it is still available I also have several polycarbonate molds (40) that I'm selling. a few people have expressed interest in the machine and/or molds just this week but as of now it's still available. send me an email at or you can call/text me at 703-395-3012 if you have any questions or want a list of the molds. If you want all of the items I will pay ground shipping depending on where you're located :)




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