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Rebates and special offers on CocoaTown Melangers and Grindeurs are available to TCL members who are also first-time customers of CocoaTown. To take advantage of these special offers, download the TCL member order form.

Specifications and prices subject to change w/o notice.
Please contact CocoaTown for current pricing.
International shipping is available.

These offers are available to new customers only; if you are already a CocoaTown customer these offers are not available. However, if your first purchase is through TheChocolateLife, the discount(s) can be applied to all subsequent purchases.

ECGC-12SL and SLTA CocoaT Deluxe Melangers

These "universal" grinder/refiner/conche "melangers"  are among the most-used small machines for aspiring chocolate makers and these are the updated versions.

ECGC-65A Grindeur 

The ECGC-65a is one of the most popular ways craft chocolate makers move out of the kitchen/lab and into production.

These are available in 120V, 220V, 440V 50/60 Hz, and single- and 3-phase versions

Also available is an optional wall-mounted control panel which contains an on/off switch, frequency controller, motor starter, and emergency shut off switch.  (The machine does not come with an on/off switch and the electrical cord does not come with a plug.) 

Delivery lead times from order is 3-10 weeks.






Also Available

CocoaT Junior Roaster (white) (stainless steel)
CocoaT Compact Roaster 
(stainless steel)
CocoaT Commercial Roaster
CocoaT Mini PreGrinder

CocoaT Cracker
CocoaT SS Pulverizer

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Clay, the link you provided for these Grindeurs shows the list price for the ECGC-65-A as $5,169.99 not $4,699.99.  So what exactly would out cost be ? ?  Any further discounts on multiple machines ?






Thanks for catching that. There was a price increase on June 1 that I missed. I am able to offer a slightly larger rebate - $350 instead of $250. I would be happy to discuss privately putting together a package price discount on multiple machines and accessories. Send me a PM with your needs. Just FYI, the 65s are on backorder until some time in August.

:: Clay

Is the CocoaT Deluxe Melanger still available? If so, what is the shipping time on it?

The standard CocoaTown Deluxe melanger is no longer available. It has been replaced by the SL version, which has been upgraded to include better cooling, among other improvements.

If the melanger is in stock, it ships via UPS ground (or faster if you want to pay for it) - so overnight to 3-5 days depending on where you are with respect to Atlanta, which is where the company is located.

I have attached the order form for ChocolateLife members. Download this, fill it out, and send it to the company, and you can expedite your order with TheChocolateLife member discount.


Thank you Clay. 

Hi Clay

Do you know how long it takes the cocoatown melanger sl to grind 10lb of nibbs. This info does not present itself on web ad.



There are a lot of variables here and it depends a lot on what you're looking for but it can take 4-8 hours when you start from nib and depending on what kind of sugar you're using. Because of their small motors it can take quite a while just to add all the nibs to the bowl (and this is also true of the bigger machines).

Many people pre-grind (e.g., in a Champion juicer) and pre-refine their sugar (e.g., in a food processor) and this can reduce the times down to the lower end of the range. Now this is just for texture development. For flavor development it can take a total of 12-72 hours depending on the beans, how they are roasted, and what you're looking to end up with.

helpful, thanks

Do you also guys ship in the Philippines?

How much will ECGC-12SL and SLTA CocoaT Deluxe Melangers cost + shipping?


Hi Drobert,

Just bought an ECGC 12SL from Cocoa Town and cost me 45T plus pesos plus 6T duties and taxes.  The machine broke down after a week of operation.  See attached picture.  I glued them back using epoxy  hope it lasts.  I have emailed cocoa town for any suggestions but until now have not replied.  I suggest you also consider Santha Melangeur of India.  We have one and its more sturdy than the Cocoa town ECGC 12 SL.

Hope to meet you.



New ChocolateLife member Order Form uploaded November 11, 2013. Please download, fill out, and send directly to CocoaTown.



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