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We are selling our Confectionary Coating Pan Attachment Kit, used with a 4 qt. or 5 qt. Kitchen Aid mixer.  Perfect for coating nuts, truffles, and a wide variety of confections with tempered chocolate and other coatings.  Great for sugarcoating almonds and dried fruits.  Originally bought for $699.99 from  Selling kit for $350.00, plus shipping.  Kit includes the coating pan and incline stand.  Very well maintained and in excellent working condition.  Delicious Bon Bons, not included :)).  Max

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We are very interested in finding out more. I think this could make our lives much easier. Can you contact me directly or I would be happy to do the same. Thank you!


Hello Corey,

Contact me at  This kit is for sale to the first serious buyer :)

Thanks Corey.  For all other interested parties, this item is sold!

Hi Max

I'll take it!

I know I'm third in line to say I want to purchase this, but I want it too!!! If the other two people don't pan out, you can email me at




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