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This Double Guitar Kit is the most versatile and invaluable piece of equipment every professional confection maker should own.  Used to create unique confections that can be square, rectangular, triangular or diamond shape, single, double or multi-layered.  This kit comes with a Valrhona ganache frame set that includes 2 stainless steel angular guiding rulers, 2 stainless steel flat trays and stainless steel frame base.  In combination with 16 customized food grade plastic ganache frames, produces uniform single and multi-layered slabs of filling (ganache, almond paste, pate de fruit, caramel, marshmallow, nougatine etc...) that easily fit onto the guitar cutter for uniform and perfectly cut pieces every time.  This double guitar is also unique in that it cuts in both directions without having to turn product, thus reducing time and food costs by rapidly and accurately cutting your filling of choice.  Perfect for cutting brownies, cakes, petit fours, dough and any other tender confections you are working with. 
This Double Guitar Kit includes: 
1 Martellato double guitar cutter 39cm x 45cm x 13cm H (15.4 x 17.7 x 5.11 inches), 5 frames (4 removable stainless steel cutting frames with wire spacing at 15mm (.590 inches), 22.5mm (.886 inches), 30mm (1.181 inches), and 45mm (1.772 inches) and 1 fixed frame with wire spacing at 30mm (1.181 inches)).
- 1 Stainless steel flat tray used to position, rotate and transport product easily onto the guitar cutter.
- 1 Valrhona ganache frame set which includes 2 angular stainless steel guiding rulers, 2 stainless steel flat trays for supporting ganache molds and 1 stainless steel ganache frame base used to store and transport multi-layered ganache slabs.
- 16 food grade plastic ganache mold frames used to create perfectly formed single layer or multi-layered slabs of ganache, pate de fruit, caramel, almond paste, marshmallows, nougatine etc... (All frames are 15.75 x 15.75 inches, 4 of each in the following thicknesses:  .236cm (.093 inches), .475cm (.187 inches), .635cm (.250 inches), and .953cm (.375 inches)).  Sturdy and easy to clean, will last for years.  Instructions for frame set and molds included.
- 1 Plastic Spatula 55.9cm (22 inches) used to slide slabs of ganache onto the guitar and to transport cut product pieces onto stainless steel flat trays.
- 1 Plastic cleaning brush used to brush off excess crumbs between cuttings.
- Original Martellato instruction manual.
- Toolkit containing extra wire, tightening tools, 6 extra washers and 2 extra knobs.
This Double Guitar Cutter Kit was a display model and has been used twice for demonstration purposes only, 3 of the guitar frames have never been used, the Valrhona ganache frame set has some very minor wear due to being handled on display.  All in premium working condition.  Photos of confections are from pastry chef David Lebovitz and from the book, "Chocolates & Confections" by Peter P. Greweling, CMB.  All of which were created with the use of a guitar cutter.  See the full listing of this guitar with extra pictures on ebay by cutting and pasting this link:
This kit is valued new at $2850.00 plus the cost of packaging and shipping, selling here for $2,400.00 including all packaging and shipping.  This set of equipment weighs in excess of 100 lbs. and requires special packaging to assure safe shipping, allow 3 to 5 business days for processing plus time for shipping.  Serious buyers contact Max McConaghay at

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***Please note change to Max's email - contact Max at***

If this double guitar cutter kit is not sold by July 7, 2013, it will go to auction on Ebay.  Buy it now-make an offer!  Email Max with your offer or any questions you may have at  Click this link to view full listing on ebay

Thanks, Max

Please note that this Double Guitar Kit is now up for auction on Ebay, starting bid at $1,200.00.  Ebay link,

Thanks, Max 

We are selling separately on Ebay our display models of our Double Guitar 5-Frame Cutter ($1575.00) and Valrhona Ganache Frame Set with custom frames ($250.00 or Best Offer).

Shipping not included in prices.

Guitar link:

Frame Set link:




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