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If you've never put together a chocolate kitchen before then there may be a lot of "I don't know what I don't know" mistakes that can be very expensive to fix.

And even if you have put together a chocolate kitchen you may be so immersed in the way you're currently doing things that it's difficult to step back and see how you might organize things to be more efficient and productive.

I offer a flat-fee service for looking at floor plans, making concrete suggestions rather than offering general advice, and helping you locate the equipment that best suits your needs. (Through my connections, I may also be able to help negotiate better prices.)

The fee is $1/sq ft with a $1000 minimum (if your space is smaller it takes more work) and a maximum of $2500.

If you are interested, you can respond to me privately by clicking on my name under the headline of this post then clicking "Send a Message."

:: Clay

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