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FBM will be exhibiting at IBIE - the International Baking Industry Exposition - in Las Vegas, October 6th through 9th. If you are going to be there, plan to look us up in Booth 4337. I will personally be happy to introduce you to FBM equipment and FBM president Umberto Boscolo. I am already working with ChocolateLife members seriously interested in FBM equipment and they are getting hands-on training from Umberto and FBM's chief technician.

FBM will have the following pieces of equipment in the booth:

-) 4kg Aura continuous tempering machine*
-) 7kg Prima continuous tempering machine with enrobing belt*
-) 12kg Chocolab continuous tempering machine
-) 45kg Maestria continuous tempering machine
-) KLEEGO 50kg melter/35kg conche
-) TowerDrop dough depositing machine for baking applications

Show machines are offered at a 20% discount off of list prices and buyers pay customs clearance fees and shipping from Las Vegas (not from Italy). Machines will be shipped within a week of the show's completion - no long waits. Payment must be received in full by October 9th. ChocolateLife members who make a deposit on any FBM machine (not just those at the show) between October 6th and October 31st will receive 15% off the list prices, but must pay shipping and customs from Italy, and accept normal delivery times. These are various electrical configurations (220V single- and 3-phase, 60Hz), so contact Clay to determine the electrical configuration of each machine.

* The Aura and the Prima have already been sold (as of September 22, 2013).

Contact Clay Gordon if you are interested and to get catalog sheets.

:: Clay

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I look forward to seeing you IBIE... which version of the Chocolab will be there?

Norm -

The basic machine will be there - with the enrober belt (minus the takeoff section, which will be shipped after) and truffle tray, if I am not mistaken. There won't be a chiller or heater option installed in the cabinet. The mold loader is always available as an upgrade option.

Power will be 220V 3-phase.

:: Clay

Hello Norm, Can you send me a price listg for the 4,7 and 12kg machine. Thanks.


Clay, when is the next show like this in Vegas or anywhere?  I am looking for a few pieces by FBM and this looked like a great deal I missed out on, as I am located in Vegas.  Thanks


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