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FOE SALE - 3/31/2012 - Alternative Air Refrigerated Chocolate Display Cases. We have 3 total

$2,900 each plus NV Sales tax of 8.1%. I can help set up your shipping too with Mayflower shipping. They have been the least expensive I have found. We all know the cost of these and how hard they are to find at this below market price. We just have too many at our store and ran out of room.

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FYI everyone. These are 5' cases in perfect condition.

I am interested in 1 possibly...what are dimensions? Humidity controlled? Need water line? How many voltage? And is color of wood black or dark brown? Thanks 

No water line needed. No floor drains needed. These are all self contained.

5' in length 2' deep 49" Tall


-Manufacturer = Alternative Air -self contained refrigeration system (no floor drain required)(r-134a) -low pressure temperature control -insulated fixed front glass -florescent lighting (top light & bottom light) -mirrored interior ends -insulated transparent mirrored rear sliding doors (removable) -independent light switch with a 2amp receptacle (for scale purpose only) -1/4 inch shelves (16", 18", and 20") -eight foot (8`) power cord (independent circuit 115v - 7.5rla)

Comes with top shelf that runs across the whole 5' length so you can put a scale and other items on top of the case. a $250.00 add on if you buy from manufacturer.

This unit is specifically designed for Chocolate and the temp to keep chocolate tempered correctly.

This nice thing about these units is that we have never had them plugged in. Since Las Vegas is so cold in the winter and Hot in the Summer we keep the store so cold for comfort that we never have to plug them in. These are less than 3 years out of the manufacturer.


Approximate weight 500 lbs.

To buy at Retail with Shipping is over $5,100.

Call me with any questions or offers (702) 461-2258

thanks for wood color black or brown? Thanks

Bobby. Could you please let me know if these cabinets are still available.
Many thanks,

As of right now, Yes. We have a few parties that are interested but it is first come first serve. Are you in Las Vegas? Let me know where you are located by Zip code and I can get a shipping quote for you.

Not that simple. We are is Saint Petersburg, FL @ 33705. So I assume they will go to the first one to put their money down?

What's going on in FL? The other two buyers are in FL too. One in Miami, and the other in Tallahassee. The way I set the sale up with another case we had is with a local escrow company near you like Stewart Title/ Escrow. I have instructions for the escrow officer that you and I both sign and then they get faxed to escrow and then your purchase price money goes into the escrow account then once you get proof of the units are on the shipping truck, that proof is provided to escrow and the monies are then released to us. By using an escrow company licensed by your state it is safe for all parties since they are insured by the Florida insurance commission. Please call me any time. Bobby 702-461-2258.

Hi Bobby. I feel certain that these cases are gone, but I thought I would ask. I was ready to get them, and then, at the last minute we had a problem with our new lease on a few terms we could not agree on. Unfortunately, available retail space in heavy traffic areas of downtown St. Petersburg are almost impossible to find. However, we have finally found a place that we are ready to sign on. Any cases?
David Talton

Are you in NV?

If yes i will be interested.

Thank you

Yes. We are here in Las Vegas a few miles from your location. Please call me anytime 702-461-2258. 


  Have you sold all of the cases?  (and are they brown or black?) If not, approximate shipping to Lake Placid, NY for one case?




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