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Check out our 30kg and 15kg tempering machine at


It is a wheel style machine with onboard vibrating table, variable speed control and highly accurate thermostat with double digital display! 

After working with several chocolatiers and chefs, the final design incorporates all of their suggestions and improves on oversights from other leading manufacturers. 

Please call or email Jeremy for more information at 801-773-3898 or


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Hi , where is the machine located and how much? I'm near Toronto.



Thank you for your interest. We make some incredible machines and can have them shipped to Toronto. Please send me an email at and I will send you a price list of all the items we stock.


Hi Jeremy,


Would you mind sending your pricing info to carlos (at) dantachocolate (dot) com



Hi Kristi,


Did you buy the machine? Which one?

How do you like it?




Ok, so this website goes nowhere.. I have found this image here:

seems a bit scammy. I can't find anything except POS systems and drainage systems at the web address above.


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