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Hey All,

Each of these molds have all been used less than 5 times.  See attached photo.  I've settled on which mold(s) I want to use and these were all my initial testers to see what I liked.  I'd like to sell them for slightly less than my purchase price + you pay for shipping.  I ONLY want to sell these within the United States and Canada though (for ease on my part).

(1) Tomric G-485 $11

(1) Tomric G-186 $11

(2) Tomric G-106 $11/ea

(2) Martellato MA2000 $21/ea

(1) Fat Daddio PCM-1199 $20

Again, you pay for shipping.  It think the cheapest way to send these would be with a USPS Flat Rate mailer box which is about $12.50.  Tomric charges $15 to ship a single mold.  I can't remember what Martellato charged, but it was just as expensive.  Either way, let me know if you'd like any or all of these.



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Can I know your address please, so that we can collect by person.

I'm in California.

BTW...for those of you that have looked, but may not know, you can see what these molds look like at the manufacturers web sites here:

Just saw your ad. Do you have any of the molds still available?


I am in Chicago

Hey James,

All of these molds are still available.  Are there any in particular that you're interested in?  Shipping to Chicago wouldn't be a problem.  Depending on how many molds you want, the cheapest rate that I know of is a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (M - $12.35, holds 2 or 3 molds; L - $16.85, holds about 6 molds).


Hi Dave,  I see that you posted this almost a year ago.  Did you ever sell your molds?  I am seeking to purchase some.

I may be contacted at


Candy (yes, that is my real birth name!)

Hey Candy,

I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.  I JUST saw this!  I can see that it's been about 11 months since I posted that.  I was wondering if anyone was still interested and had considered reposting.  YES, I have a few of those molds for sale still.  Which ones interested you?


I am interested in all that you have.  However, not sure what you have left or if they have continued to be used.  Will you please provide an update on what is left and their condition?  

Much appreciation,


Hey Candy,

I still have them all and they're all still for sale.  I used one of the Tomric G-610 molds ONCE over the last 11 months, for a friend's birthday.  Otherwise, they've literally sat unused in my chocolate cabinet.  The two Martellato molds and the Fat Daddio molds are basically like new.  They're super-thick polycarbonate molds.  The Tomric molds are thinner polycarbonate and look lightly used.


Hi Dave,

May we move to regular email?  Mine is  I want to verify the molds.  In this last message, you mentioned a G-610 but that was not in the original offer.  I tried to search for a couple of the molds on Tomric but perhaps they do not carry them now?  Anyway, couldn't locate them.  Is it the ones in your photo?  Would like to make you an offer but want to have a clear understanding. 

Much appreciation,


Hey Candy,

I responded to your last post to your regular email account this morning.  Not sure if you've seen it or not, so I decided to let you know here.  I used the "" email address you listed above.  Hopefully you received my email.



Thanks Dave,  Just sent you a reply email.  Hope you get it.




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