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I have a Bravo 305 batch freezer that I am interested in selling. This is built in Italy creating a true Italian style gelato. Unlike many other brands, the Bravo units contain their own pasteurization / mixing unit.  The way they are operated is you put your ingredients in the top mixer (about 4 liters) and it will mix and heat the ingredients until they are mixed as well as pasteurize. Once it is ready, you turn a handle and the ingredients dump into the freezing chamber. It will freeze into gelato in about seven minutes (about the same amount of time as it takes to mix and pasteurize.) You get about 5 liters of gelato out for each batch. (5 because of the addition of air during freezing.)  All in all, with this machine, you will be capable of producing approximately a 5 liter batch of gelato every 7-10 minutes or so.


While compact, these are serious machines capable of producing a professional grade product. New they retail for $40,000 and I'm willing to let this go for a steal at $20,000. It is in really great condition as well. (In fact, while used, it even still has the white protective film on it that it was shipped with from the factory in Italy.)


If interested, please call me on my cell: 801-318-9644





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Dear Art

Could you give me a number where I can reach you,

I have some questions for you about the Bravo.



My cell is: 801-318-9644



Just a heads up for anyone interested in getting a batch freezer. 

These Bravo units are extremely versatile. When not making gelato (or sorbet or ice cream), you can use them to make pates du fruit, pastry creams, and more - even temper chocolate!

At half of list price, this is a steal.

Is this still available. I am interested. How old is the machine?


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