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Hello Chocolate Life Members!

I am a chocolate maker in California and have been in business for three years. I am beginning to put together plans to sell my business this spring, once we make it through the valentines rush (we just had baby #4 and I'm sure you can guess that now things are starting to get a little busy around here!)

We have a nationwide wholesale program and corporate gifting program, as well as solid website sales with a good FB and IG crowd following us, and a great portfolio of major media hits.

Our product list is solid as is but I've always thought it needs a good truffle line from someone creative.

We are hoping to start looking at any interest or offers come March, but I am more than happy to chat about any interest or questions before then. We are somewhat flexible with the details of selling, we just want to make it work out!

Also, if anyone has sold a business in the past and has any words of advice, I would absolutely love any!

Thank you!!


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I would like to discuss the sale of your business with you.  Please call me at my shop 516-374-1940 New York time.  We are open MON-Sat 10am - 6pm.


Thank you, Cathy! I am running out the door right now, but would love to call and chat soon. I'll be in touch and give you a call.




Hi Catherine,

I just spoke briefly with one of your employees, she said a good time to reach you would be Tuesday? I can try you then if that is best?

Hello Amber, I am interested in your business. We already have NY brand and would love to expand in CA. please email me so I can give you my phone number.


Lev Kelman


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