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Hey everyone! I just refurbished my Chocovision X3210 it has a new motor, new circuit board, new digital control panel, and a new micro-processor using forced hot air. The unit is basically brand new. I only tempered 1 batch since the refurbish to make sure it was working prefectly, and it is!

The best part is that this machine comes with the Holey Baffle, which will allow you to temper anywhere from 3lbs - 17lbs of chocolate! Quite the step up from the original baffle that only allows you to temper 10lbs :).

Just wanted to let everyone know so you all are aware and have equal opportunity to bid on it!

Here is the link

Thank you,
Steven Shipler

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What are you asking?"

I have it on Ebay! Go check it out you can bid on it there I am sure it will end at a great price :)

I would actually gladly take this item off ebay and sell it if anyone wants to make an offer? I would rather sell it to someone directly on here anyways. I am looking to get atleast $1700 for it as it comes with the holey baffle. That is 100 dollars cheaper than the other ones on ebay that are refurbished without the holey baffle.

But make me an offer I might be okay with it.

5 Hours left on Ebay, make sure you check it out! :)

Hey Steven you get my check?

ill go check the mail right now actually 

Are you going to give me a call? There was a pretty big problem with your check.

218- seven3one-12ninety

Give me a call


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