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I have a friend extruder for sale. This table top machine is for extruding cream or ganache centers onto trays or boards for coating. There are three different shapes that can be made simply by changing the die. The hopper is heated if you need to keep your center warm while working with it.

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Pictures would be very helpful.

:: Clay 

Hi Paul,

What are you asking for this?



I am asking $2000.00 as is. The cord for the heating element should be replaced and machine needs a good cleaning.



Have you sold this extruder yet.  If not I am very interested in it.

I still have it. Where about are you located?
I  am just north of San francisco.  Where are you?  How firm are you on the price?
I can give you my phone number but not on this site, or you can give my yours through my email and that might be easier.
i would like to go ahead and buy this extruder.  My email is  I am not sure how to buy things on this site so please let me know.  As I see it the price is $2,000 plus shipping. 



Is it possible to get different shaped dies? And if so how easy would it be to get them?





It looks like you sold your extruder ?

If you find another one I would be interested.

Thank You



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