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I have 2 of these machines for sale. Identical.

Only about 10 months old. Perfect condition. No dings or scratches. Has worked flawlessly as well. My start up chocolate business just did not work out and I need to sell them as soon as possible. I had them shipped brand new from Italy to me (South Korea).

If anyone is interested, I'll find out shipping costs to your location and we can work something out.

Price: $6,800USD /per machine OBO  

T240 Continuous Temperer

This is a very easy-to-use, entry-level machine and is ideal for moulding or just having a continuous supply of perfectly tempered chocolate. The machine is supplied with a programmable dosing system, a foot pedal for dosing control and a heated vibrating table. Please note that this machine is too small to accommodate an enrobing belt.

The picture gallery on the right shows the accessories available for this continuous tempering machine.

Technical Specification

  • 8kg vat capacity
  • 35 kgs/hour tempering capability
  • Power: 1.9KW
  • Voltage: 230V or 400V, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: (W) 440mm x (D) 600mm x (H) 1500mm
  • Net weight: 117 kgs

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hi Matt,

I assume you liked the machines?  Can you enquire how much to ship to Hilo Hawaii?



Hi Dan,


Yes, the machines work very well and do their job nicely. They're really easy to operate and I've never had a problem with tempering chocolate. I know other members of thechocolatelife have had problems with tempering chocolate but with these tempering machines there is no need to worry (even for a chocolate novice like me)


I've asked around for shipping quotes and the lowest is the following to Hilo Hawaii. They need an exact address for a more accurate shipping charge.

by sea: $1,100 - $1400

by air: around $1,700


This charge is for both machines together. And they will also handle the packaging so it makes a safe journey.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Thanks Matt, I will pass on the info.


Just an update for anyone interested. One machine has sold. Only 1 remaining.


Thank you.

Hi Matt,

I would be really interested in the machine you have left, how much would shipping cost to UK be?


Best Regards





I'm still looking to sell the last machine. I'd like to move it out and shut down my shop but I need to sell it first :)

Price lowered for last machine to $6300.00 USD. Awesome deal for a practically brand new GAMI tempering machine. It still has the stickers over the stainless steel exterior. No scratches or anything.


If you would like shipping quote, please message me your mailing address



Hey Matt,

If you've still got the machine, can you give me a shipping price to Minnesota, zip code 55073. Thank you so much.

Hi Matt,

Yes I am still interested, post code is RG1 8EQ, Reading, England





Matt, Is the other machine still for sale?

hello everyone.

sorry, both machines have been sold.


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