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Diabetes has finally made me give up!

It's tricky making good flavours when you can't taste the goods! I'm really sad about this, but that's life.

This is good for someone just starting up, or perhaps expanding.

Basically I want to sell:

4 stainless steel tables, 4 ft.

2 Hanna professional thermometers (rrp £80 each)

10 mixing bowls

4 polycarbonate plus some silicon and vac formed moulds

Packaging - cardboard boxes 12 and 24 sizes, flower pattern, thick blue card, window buffer box, postal boxes .... over 180 pieces, inserts, pads, glassine ...

Chocolate - plain, milk, white chocolate truffle spheres, square cups, calletes ...

An online shop - complete website, I'll alter the contact details before sale, and transfer all ownership. contact me and I'll tell you how to see it.

I do not have a tempering machine - I like doing it by hand.

Ill throw in any other bits and pieces.

I really want to sell the whole as one lot - you would have to collect from Lincolnshire UK.

£780 the lot:

plus if you want it - a corner sink unit - hand-wash sink, a single sink with drainer, 2 mixer taps complete with waste fittings etc. for £75

With the exception of the tables, which I bought second hand it is all very little used, the chocolate has all been bought within the last month or two.

(The last photo is a glassine sheet - I added it by mistake and could not stop it being uploaded!)

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AH - you can delete uploaded files - so the last sentence might seem a little strange!

Hello Tony, hope you are fine. seen what you have for sale. please e-mail me the pictures and more details of what you are selling.


Stephen Sembuya


Kampala, Uganda


Hi fellow chocolate livers,

I have now sold all the equipment.


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