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Hilliard's Chocolate System 240/lb per day melter/temperer with Jumbo Hand Coater attachment for sale $5400. If you would want to JUST purchase the 240/lb melter the price is $5,000.00. I will sell it either way. Some of you may need a 240 for molding and not need to head unit for the coating.

Contact me at 518-376-5161 (Joe) from Uncle Sam's All American Chocolate Factory. We have been in business 80 years. I am a bona fide candy store operator, not an equipment dealer. Crating and domestic shipping would be extra. Prefer pick up. I certainly won't be crating after October 15. No international shipping.

I am in search of a 30K BTU Savage Candy Stove (used) so I would be willing to talk trade.

I operate 6 of the Hilliards. I really only need 5. White Chocolate is declining as a share of the market so the extra machine is not needed. They are universally appreciated for their durability and simplicity. The machine is from the mid-80s. Of course the motor is strong and it is in good shape. New these go for over $8,000 as you know. Below is a video showing this equipment working. At 3:37 you will see THIS machine (Jumbo Hand Coater)

Call me with questions.

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I am mistaken on the price. These run about $10,000 new.

Today I ordered a new heater motor from Hilliard's because the original one was a bit noisy. I want the machine to be dependable for the buyers and I don't want the heater to die in 6 months on the new owner. I found out that these machines actually cost over $12,000 new. The head unit alone with the chain and the conveyor is $4700. I suggest that one contact Hilliard's for pricing. I own 6 of these and only purchased one new one back in 1990. The rest have been acquired used and I work with them every day 362 days a year. They really hold up.

Are items still for sale? Please email

As of yesterday the machines are spoken for- someone is coming in from Ct. Friday, 9/13/13 to pick it up. If they don't show I will advise, if they do- I will post this as sold. Thanks for all the calls and interest.

The HIlliard's 240 with jumbo hand coater is sold. Thank you for the interest and best wishes to all. If I come across another one, I will report it here on this site.



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