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To take advantage of these special offers (no limit, no expiration), contact Clay Gordon directly. Some items are special-ordered from Italy and may take 60-90 days from receipt of order to be delivered.

Take control of chocolate crystallization with perfectly repeatable results every time. 

Irinox TP-20, 30, and 40 chocolate holding cabinets are designed from the ground up for demanding chocolate chefs around the world. Irinox cabinets are designed to maintain a constant temperature AND humidity within the cabinet - even with the doors open. Their superior temperature and humidity control, combined with efficient air circulation, ensure that heat is effectively and efficiently removed from pieces ensuring perfect crystallization while minimizing the risk of bloom.

These are the Lamborghinis of chocolate holding cabinets. They are expensive, but they are worth every penny, especially in kitchens with limited space. Throughput (compared with letting pieces crystallize at ambient temperature in speed racks or in other manufacturers holding cabinets) can be doubled or even tripled and the lowboy design means that you can work on top of the cabinet, further improving workflow.

The TP-20 cabinet holds 20, 400x600mm sheet pans; the TP-30 holds 30 sheet pans; and the TP-40 holds 40 sheet pans.

TP-20 list price is $12,070. member price is $9949 (not including shipping and any applicable sales taxes). YOU SAVE over $2000. 

Tech specs include:

Electrical: 208v Single Phase, 60 cycle
Total rating 850w
1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty
Not NSF/UL approved

Width: 1600 mm (5 ft 3 in)
Depth:  800 mm (2 ft 7.5 in)
Height:  850 mm (33.5 in)
Weight: 140kg (308.5 lbs)

Special discount offers are available to ChocolateLife members in the US on all commercial Irinox units, including vertical holding cabinets, blast chillers (shock freezers), and more - for the full range of chocolate, pastry, and ice cream applications. Contact Clay for pricing and with other questions.

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I'm having trouble finding these TP-lines on their site. Can you add a few links or attach relevant PDF's for us to peruse?
Hello Clay,

Could you give us an idea of what the 3 units cost?

Thank you,
Warm Regards,
Shawn Alter - Chocolatier
The Chocolate Butterfly
The TP-series used to be on the Irinox site ... but it's special order in the US, so they may have taken it off. I have contacted Irinox for current pricing. There are two brochures attached to this comment. One is a general brochure on Irinox products and the other is a screenshot of the page for the TP-30.
Move the document attachments to the main post.
Hi Clay - What is the price range for the blast chillers as well as the TP 20 and the TP 40?

Still waiting on the pricing for the TP-series cabinets ... as I mentioned they are S/O from Italy.

Attached is a brochure for the Irinox MF (MultiFresh) and CP (two separate chambers in the same cabinet). List prices for the MF30.2, MF45.1-L, and MF70.1-L are $16,440, $25,000, and $29, 520 - respectively (see page 21 for tech details on all three units). I can offer between 15% (for the MF30.2) to 20% (MF45.1 and MF70.1) off list prices on these units specifically. If you are interested in other units let me know and I will get prices and discounts. Prices do not include shipping and sales taxes if the units are delivered in Massachusetts.

These are definitely the "Cadillacs" of blast chillers (actually more like Rolls Royces). They do a LOT more than just chilling as the brochure attached below will attest. While they seem expensive, the ROI on them is incredible as they increase production efficiency tremendously and dramatically reduce waste.

I believe that there are some simpler/smaller/cheaper Irinox units if all you are interested in is a blast chiller for ice cream, etc. Please let me know your specific application and I can find out for you. I may be able to recommend alternatives as well.
Moved the document attachment to the main post.
If these case are not NSF or UL approved, can we in the U.S. legally use them in a commercial / retail environment?


It depends on where you are. The answer is definitely NO in California. In other locations, perhaps, perhaps not (I placed two for clients in two different towns in NY state and it's been no problem). If you do have a need for an NSF/UL listed cabinet I do have an alternative for you. Send me a private message so we can follow up.

:: Clay

Hi Clay,

I am in need of a blast freezer for gelato. Perhaps the Multi Fresh might be a good choice. I would like to find out what these cost. The MF 100 or MF 130 for example.

Thank you,

Paul Goldstone



Irinox cabinets are the gold standard for blast chillers/shock freezers. They are expensive, but where the production capacity is a fit and quality demands are extremely high. They are worth what they cost. I will send you pricing information privately.

:: Clay

I use irinox blast freezers for my ice cream, sorbet and gelato. They are superb and I could not o without them. The bladt chilling is also excellent...


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