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Prefamac 30kg moulding machine in fantastic condition.

£3000 NO VAT.

Please PM me if you are interested. I am based in the UK.



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Hi George, 

I'm interested, I'm based in the Netherlands. Could you please send some additional information? My mail is 

Hope to hear from you! 

Best regards

Rodney Nikkels

Hi Rodney, I have sent you an email.







We are based in Gainsborough.... I was wondering if you still have the Prefamac 30 for sale and where I would need to come to collect?


Best regards,



Hi Mark,


Yes the Prefamac is still available - we are based in Somerset.


I will send a message to you with my phone number in.




Hello George,


Would you ship to Toronto, Canada?




Hi Omar,


We do not mind putting the machine on a pallet and wrapping, however you would have to arrange your own shipping.


We will also be selling a 2007 Prefamac moulding machine, with all the enrobing attachments (inc. the £745 optional blower) in the coming weeks. The price for that machine will be £7000 no VAT.





Hi there!

I just came across this post - incredibly unlikel that you still have the moulder & enrober still for sale, but just in case you do.... I am looking for one!!!



I do actually. I haven't had time to take pictures of it and as such I haven't put it up for sale. Where are you based?



Hi George

Thanks for the reply. Very interesting!

I am based in London although I am away in India (working holiday!) right now. I am however working with my brother who is in the UK.

Are you able to give a few more details of the machine (ie does it come with an 'extension take-off, or truffle extension, adjustable heating lamp etc).

Many many thanks


HI Marcus,

Yes, it does come with heating lamps x 2, it comes with the detailer, and it also comes with the optional blower which is an addition £750. It does not have the truffle extension.

Hope you are enjoying India!



Forgot to mention, the take off belt for the enrobed products is 1.5 meters long.

I also have another enrober which might be of interest. It is cheaper than the Prefamac, and would be perfect if you are starting out and looking for a machine to get you on your way. If you let me know your email address, I can send you info.




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