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Crystal 305 with chocolate molding station (transmoulder) and truffle conveyor. Transmoulder is brand new. System is in excellent condition and is very low maintenance. Just turn it on and in no time your chocolate is ready. When done with batch turn it off then on again when you need it. Replaced 3 workers who called in sick, hand inconsistent results, etc.  What a blessing this machine is. We ran pieces through cut off on wax paper that auto feeds, placed in racks, amazing!  $53,000.

The CRYSTAL 305 enrobers are equipped with the exclusive « SAVY » continuous tempering process. Constantly, the chocolate is totally warmed and decrystalised before a new curve of crystallization, which allows the possibility to work many hours with  perfect chocolate, with a high fluidity. In 10-20 minutes, The CRYSTAL 305 is ready to work all day.  
First pick is when brand new, the machine is in good condition. Plastic lid has a broken corner about 2-3", air knife blower is started by hand twist (needs start capacitor), beyond this in great shape.
Width of belt: 300 mm
Capacity: 50 kg
Production: 25/80 kg/h
Voltage: 230/400 v three phases 50/60 Hz

Truffles conveyor

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Hey there, I am interested in learning a bit more. Where are you and the 305 located? I'd like to try it out if possible thanks, Dan

If you want to demo it call Savy Goiseau for a demo. Mine is packed up and ready for sale in a storage locatpion. I have links to youtube showing it running. It is amazing system that decrystalizes and recrystalizes chocolate each pass. Easily allows you to run high cocoa content chocolate without issues of lesser machines. If you want consulting on chocolate let me know.

Hi is this enrober still for sale per chance?



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