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I have a Vorwerk TM21 Thermomix mixer together with a power converter for the U.S.

The unit was made in Europe; I live in the US and needed to convert the power so I purchased a power converter just to use with this unit.


If you are not familiar with the Thermomix:

*It can cook and blend at the same time

*It has a built in scale under the bowl

*It has a variable speed control for blending

*It has a unique blade configuration that can liquefy nuts - that's the real reason I bought it, to make my own nut paste, smoother than my Robot Coupe.


My production increases have outgrown this unit. It is awesome for smaller production; super efficient since it eliminates a lot of bowls, ingredient cups, etc. With the built in scale, ingredients can be added straight into the bowl as you go. The butterfly attachment that rests on the blade makes an awesome emulsification for ganaches.


It comes with:

*Instructional DVD on which is a demo recipe for a couple of ganaches which gives the user a clear understanding of how it works.

*Spatula made for the unit

*Butterfly attachment for emulsification

*Brand new power converter (European to U.S.)


I am offering both the Thermomix and power converter for $900 or best offer.


A note on shipping - the power converter is small in size but VERY dense and heavy; I am not sure the weight so I don't know what shipping costs but I anticipate that they would be come across as significant considering the small size of the unit.


If interested feel free to email me and I will find out, or arrange for pick up at my shop.



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Have you sold this yet? I am looking for one-I need European... I assume that shipping costs would be crazy...I am in Israel

I have some friends who just went back to Israel last week! They could have brought it...

I can check the shipping costs and let you know.

Thanks Ilana

what a bummer!!!! I cant believe it! And what a coincidence! If you can check I would appreciate it. I would probably have to pay customs here...

Thanks to you Rick!


is this still available? how long have you had it, and what have you used it for? 

if you want to have a convo via email, please contact me at:


thank you!


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