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I have (2) 240lb. Hilliard's chocolate tempering machines. Both in Excellent condition and low hours.  They are both 1999 machines purchased new from Hilliard's at the same time with consecutive serial numbers.  The both have the chain towers making it easier to fill molded items, for use with a coater,  or simply for the show of the waterfall look. I am asking $4500 ea which is 1/2 the price of a new one.  I will make a deal if someone wants both.  If you would like me to ship it, then an additional $100 will be added.  I also have two vibrating tables used for releasing the air bubbles from your molded chocolate items. ($150 ea). Call Joe at 407-832-5599 or respond to Thank you!

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Hi Joe,

If you are serious about selling these units, I make you an offer of $4,500.00 for the pair.  These units are 15 years old, and the pump motors  have to be replaced with the more expensive updated ones should they fail.  These older motors are no longer supported by Hilliards.  Not to mention the heater blocks on the dividers only have a limited lifespan.  Do they have the enrobing conveyors with the pump towers, or just pump towers only?

Best regards,


Hello John, I sold each one for $4500. That is the going market price. Good luck on finding a pair for 4500.


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