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I have a top of the line, custom made two group commercial Salvatore espresso machine for trade for chocolate making gear.  This machine would be perfect for any one looking to add coffee, espresso, or tea to their shop. 

Salvatore machines are individually hand made with the highest quality parts.  This machine has seen very little use and has years, if not decades of use left.  Can be run as a manual machine or be programmed for automatic single and double shots.  Has hot water and steam on demand. Runs off 15 amp regularly pronged outlet, has built in pump, and requires a plumbed in water supply.

I'm interested in all offers, but mainly am looking for any of the following: a Savage (or similar) 50# temperer with depositor, a vibrating table, a cooling cabinet, a 20-50# grinder.  I'm willing to trade towards the total cost of any of these items, and pay the difference, or vice versa. 

I'm in Santa Barbara, CA so shipping may apply of you're not local (depending on costs, I'd be willing to split the total shipping cost with the other party or otherwise work out a deal that is satisfactory to both parties).


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