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UPDATED LOWER PRICE FS: Martellato Confectionary Guitar Cutter, Driving Force 60CM (large format) with 3 frames.


We're selling a 2 month old manual crank confectionary guitar cutter. The cutter isn't right for our product so we're moving in another direction for production. All parts are original and like new, just used a half a dozen times. This is heavy (300+ lbs) so freight shipping will be required or pickup from upstate New York. 

Asking Price: $2900 (not included freight)

Purchase price:

$3,550.00 for CSM060 manual crank guitar cutter

$350 for CSM06004 25MM frame

$350 for CSM06004 25MM second frame

$315 for CSM06007 40MM frame

Total Retail Price: $4565

For photos and video:

Manufacturer's description:

Cut through nuts and frozen food with a WIRE, using this manual confectionery guitar cutter whose base moves back and forth with a wheel crank. Although the outer structure is aluminum, the food comes in contact only with stainless steel: a bed of stainless rods supports the food, and stainless wire cuts it. The wire is held in a frame (sold separately) that's easy to fix to the guitar body and easy to remove for cleaning or replacing with a different frame. The wire is 0.6mm thick and is stretched from bolt to bolt across a narrow 20cm, leaving minimal slack and maximal wire tension, for extra strength to overcome extra resistance. The special build of this guitar allows for easy cleaning and maintenance-free operation.

With this extra-large guitar there's a generous area saved for the food: a square space of 60x60cm. Overall size of the guitar is 30cm high, 73cm wide, and 103cm to 167cm long when cranked all the way out.

Overall size of each frame (sold separately) is 30cm x 74cm. The frames differ from each other in the space between the wires (really a single wire wound from bolt to bolt).

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I am interested in the cutter and frames. Are they still available? Can you get an estimate for shipping to Singapore?


Hi Anjali,

Please email me at and we can discuss further.


Updated listing with new lower price.


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