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Hilliard 6" coater in great condition. Has enrober setup, and 240 lbs/day temperer. 

$6500. Located in Tahoe/Reno, CA 

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HI candyman please send me some pictures of hilliard unit do you have cooling tunnel ? Gary 

there are three pics posted. Also have the tall cover with a few bumps and dings. 

Cooling tunnel not required. 

Just needs to be cleaned off. Did not have a chance to get to that before moving it. 

Found one more pic. That's all I have of it. 


I have chocolate cooling racks and white market trays. We dipped to the trays then put them in the cooling (wire bun) racks. Put a fan on it and you are good to go. 

How much is the cooling rack and do you have pictures of it?

It sounds like you are new to chocolate making. I would be happy to consult with you on setting up an operation or selling all the items in my operation. I have moved on to other projects. Anyone who says you need a cooling tunnel in the beginning is trying to make $$$ off you. I can run thousands of pieces on my savy enrober and still not need one.

Is this still available? I am looking for the 6" coater and temperer.


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