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I have an analog version of the Hilliard's Little Dipper for sale. It is about 3-4 years old but it has been actively used only for one year. The unit is in very good condition.

Price $850. I will ship anywhere in the US or Canada for $100 or less depending on your location.

- Stan.

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Hi, Stan:

Can you send a picture of the Hillard's machine to me?



Hi, Stan:

Thank you for the photos.

Can you email me to discuss purchase and shipping?


Hi Kim,

I am not sure if you received my email.

Please email me at

Thanks, Stan.

This is listed for $750 on Ecole Chocolat, any reason why it is more here??

Hi Solis,

Thank you for your interest. I had two machines for sale. The one listed on Ecole was sold for well above asking price.

Thanks, Stan.

Thanks Stan for the clarification. So did you sell both of them.

Hello stan- I just joined this site to respond to your ad for the Hilliard. Is it still available or did it sell?




This surely must have been sold by now?


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