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I have an excellent 80 lb capacity Hilliards hand coater , it comes complete with tempering unit, enrobing belt and cover. Located in Aurora Colorado
3500 dollars OBO will ship at your expense

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The price of the Hand Coater is $8400 plus shipping. They require a 2/3 Deposit/Net 30, or if paid in full at shipping, they offer a 10% discount.

In my opinion the 80 ln unit is too small for any serious work, the belt is adequate for smaller items but it needs to be longer and wider, the 6 inch coater is much better and i imagine the 6 inch coater with shaker is even better, i used the 80 lb for dark chocolate and smaller runs, hilliards makes nice strong stuff but i would recommend the larger unit, just my opinion though

Thank you for your valuable information. I'll be working with both milk and dark chocolate but mainly bars. I'm still trying to figure out which machine will work best for my new venture. I'm currently using a Moldart machine and hand molding, tedious work but when you're starting a new business you don't always have a choice.
Thank you again for sharing your product knowledge.

It's been awhile but just wanted to see if you still had the revolation 3210 available

Do you have any equipment left for sale?

I have sold several items: but still have the Gas Savage cook stove with copper kettle, full set of reducing rings, stirring paddle, and the stove has new, never used, gas control valve and piping. I honestly think it should sell for $1000 dollars but I need to sell it and will take offers that makes sense.
I also have Oliver 1508 M tray sealing machines for packaging, a shrink wrap machine-sealer with heat gun, and a heat seal device for plastic wrap similar to what butchers use to overwrap and seal trays of meat. Price upon request.
I am willing to sell my electric Savage stove , Hilliard 6 inch coater, cutters, tools, table and other items but prefer to sell them all at once as once I sell a part of the system the other items are no longer of any value to me as I am unable to make any candy. These operate quite well as set.. Pricing for all items would be approximately 10K
Serious people with money in hand, not email conversationalists, or wishful thinkers, please contact me for photos or information.


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