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Hilliard's chocolate tempering and enrobing unit.

Tempering capacity: 240 lbs. per day

Coating Belt: 6 inches

Electric Req: 120 volts


Unit comes with portable cabinet with work lamp.


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Pam, is it in good working order? Does it need any repairs?


Everything works on this unit. Its used, so it has some wesr and cosmetic issues, but nothing that stops it from working correctly. I am selling because I bought another machine.

This Machine has been Sold.

Advice- this was a great deal. Don't trouble yourself when you find one of these deals about "broken" parts or missing pieces. The cost to totally rebuild one of these is minimal compared to the cost of the machine new. A few scrapers, a belt, even a new temp controller or a few screws should not make you hesitate in grabbing one up when you see a price like that, if you need one of these $13,000 machines. Any fool with a screwdriver and a wrench can fix this machine in an afternoon if something is seriously amiss. It is like finding a Ferrari for the price of a Ford and hesitating because the radio sounds fuzzy. I own 5 of them and they run 24 hours a day at Christmas, I have been in chocolate for half of my 48 years. Don't hem and haw, purchase it and spend the $200-$300 getting all the parts replaced later if it needs it.

Believe me, Joe, I didn't hem and haw!! I have been hoping one would come my way at the right time, and sure enough it did! I am so excited about getting this piece of equipment. Thanks for the encouraging words that even if something is broken, it can usually be fixed!

Pam is this still available?

sorry it was sold


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