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I have two temperers for sale.  Below is a description of the temperers from Hilliard's website: 

A compact melting and tempering unit, it is designed to process from 1 1/2 pounds to 25 pounds of chocolate per day. Tempering capacity can be greatly increased by pre-melting the chocolate. Even an inexperienced operator can produce exceptional products with little training. 

The "Little Dipper" is ideal for preparing test market quantities of chocolates or for small batches of new items. Easy-to-use, it is perfect for coating fresh fruits, nuts and other types of centers as well as standard creams, barks and clusters. 

A highly compact unit, the "Little Dipper" weighs only 45 pounds so it can be placed anywhere that is convenient in the shop. It plugs into any 120-volt outlet. The temperature is automatically controlled to within 1 degree F of the setting.

The "Little Dipper" is constructed of stainless steel for sanitation as well as durability. And it is capable of daily commercial use with little maintenance. Cleaning and changeover to another chocolate can be completed simply and easily without the need for tools. 

It served me well while I was using them but do not need so many now.  They are great temperers and I have never had any trouble with them.  I am asking $700 each for them.

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We may be interested in both of them..........where are they shipping from and how old are they?  and can you provide me with you email address so I can make an offer on them directly to you?



I am also interested. Please call 515 491 4866 or email at

Are either still available?

Hi Anjanette,

I was wondering if the tempering pots are still available? I would be interested in both if they are still available. Where would they be shipping from and what is the age of the pots?

Thank you,



Have these already been sold? 

We are interested if they are still available. May want both. Please let me know.

Are these still available? I want both possibly...

Hi, Anjanette, I don't know if you got my message or not, but I was wondering when you were sending the Hilliard Little Dipper?  Please advise, and thanks, Catherine


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