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50# or less (not too small).  Need a wheel because I run a restaurant not a chocolate shop so I'm scattered.  Ideally will have have spout so I don't have to spoon.  You get bonus points if that and enrober (not mini) come in under $10K.  Not committed to but leaning toward Selmi, Savage or Hilliard.  I want in hand by the end of January.

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New or used? Your budget is not realistic for a new machine with an enrober belt though you may be able to find a used one in good condition in that price range.

What sorts of production are you looking at in pieces per hour and week, and what are your expectations for how many hours per week you want to run the machine? That will help determine the capacity of the machine you need.

FBM makes a table-top continuous temperer (the Aura) that can temper up to 10kg chocolate/hour if you're hand dipping and doing molded work. Their Prima has a 7kg working bowl (~20kg/hr) that accepts an optional enrober belt. The price for both is a bit over €11,000 before a 10% ChocolateLife member discount. You can purchase the Prima without the belt today and add the belt later to spread the expense.

Yeah the enrober is a pipe dream and not really necessary.  I'm doing 500 pcs a day, mostly molded.  And I don't care new or used, as long as it works.  Thanks for the info.

We that was fast - found a never used, used Bakon for a killer price!  Thank you.

I have a Hilliards 240lb temperer that I need to sell.  It's in excellent condition.  I'm looking to sell for $4,500 with me shipping it.  So that's $4,500 total, to your door.  I just posted it a few minutes's the post right above yours.  My number is 806.773.1963 and my name is Matt Smith.  I have several photos if you'd like to see it.  


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