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Applying materials to food with a spray gun is obviously much faster than brushing, but it also reduces material waste by an estimated 60%.

In addition to being the only certified"Food Safe" commercial electric food gun on the market, our products are engineered for long lives and are powerful enough to spray even very thick liquids.

Happy customers include:  Bakeries, Cake shops, Butchers, Hotels, Hospitals, Canteens, Restaurants, Pubs, Food Factories and Fast Food outlets.


  • Certified as food safe by the Laboratory of Zurich- each component has been specifically designed and assembled to comply with EU and US Food & Drug Administration norms.  The product is also CE certified for food
  • Simple to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required.
  • High quality, robust build.
  • Easy and fast in maintenance with unique KREBS service screw
  • Variable nozzle and power options- spray as a line, spot or very fine.
  • Use with either the on-board liquid container, or connected to a larger supply.

Click here to contact us for further information or to order.

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This sounds like a great idea. Has anyone used one of these before? I've seen a few discussions about paint guns versus this krebs food safe one on various forums, so would be good to hear some real reviews.



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