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The story goes that many years ago, Valrhona corporate chef Frederic Bau left a pan of white chocolate on the heat and forgot about it. When he remembered it he feared that it would be ruined but instead discovered that the white chocolate had caramelized, resulting in an unusually-flavored chocolate that had turned a honey-blonde color.

They then spent many years perfecting a technique and recipe which allowed them to manufacture it on a large scale. The result is Valrhona Dulcey.

Dulcey retains the honey-blonde color (lighter than any milk chocolate as you can see), the creaminess of white chocolate, but with a flavor profile that has a pronounced biscuity quality - kind of like speculoos but milder.

And it's addictively good. Even people who profess not to like white chocolate like Dulcey, and milk chocolate lovers love Dulcey, too.

But - other than on the Valrhona web site - it won't be available in bar form until Q1 2014.

Through my connection with Ciao Imports, I've managed to source 20 cases of bars for ChocolateLife members in the US. You can buy Dulcey months before it will be generally available at retail. Plus, these bars are in the European wrapper with a US nutrition label, not in the new retail bar packaging that will be introduced in 2014 for all you label collectors out there.

These are being offered in minimum quantities of 20 bars (an inner case) for $8/bar, including shipping. I know 20 bars sounds like a lot but believe me, if you don't finish them by Halloween they will be gone by Thanksgiving. Not only are they great for eating as is, but after melting in the microwave for a few seconds they make a decadent spread over toast and I can see them being used to top pumpkin pies and more.

If you are a retailer and want to sell Dulcey bars in your store months before you can get them otherwise, wholesale pricing is also available.

Contact me for details if you are interested. Payment will be made to Ciao Imports, who will also handle the fulfillment.

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We just had a Valrhona rep visit us a few weeks ago with these. Very tasty, butterscotch like chocolate. We picked up callets to work on some new products with. The bars should go well with those not insane about % but love a good flavor.


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