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I'm looking for a used melangeur, ideally something that can grind relatively easily from the nib. Capacity anywhere from 10lb up or a larger antique model...

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We have new CocoaT melangers for $499.99 with free S&H within continental USA. These melangers can grind 8 -10 lbs of cocoa nibs in a batch to chocolate liquor less than 15 micron size. Please visit for more details.

I am also in the market for a melanger (& especially for advice about experiences with various models).


I can offer you the following links:

If you haven't found something else, I am considering selling my melangeur and some other

equipment (convection oven for roasting/ cacao cracker) and 3) 60 kg bags of raw cacao beans.

I recently sold my chocolate confection business, CHOCOLA'TE, ( in Bisbee, Arizona but the buyer was not interested in the beans to bar part of the business.

So I have a ICGC C-40 wet grinder/melanger I purchased from and the other

equipment listed above. I have all you need to get started in a beans to bar business.

If you are interested drop me an email and we can talk about price.



Hi Gordon, I just sent you a message about this so you can follow up with me directly.  Thank you.


I would also appreciate getting a description of what is being sold?




Hi Gordon


I tried to reply to you directly through <> and did in fact get the new owner. We are very interested in your machinery. Could you please send me a list of everything you have available? Thanks very much



Gordon, I am interested in your Bean to Bar equipment also. Thanks.

Hello Gordon,

We are small chocolate company in Oregon but growing quickly and wanted to know if had sold your equipment or if you had any leads on stone grinders/melangers.


Tim Moore



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