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I'm trying to find a supplier of single origin Ecuador chocolate in Canada or a supplier who would ship to Canada. Anyone know of any?


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Valrhona and E Guittard. Don't know if they are available in your area, but I have used both.

Perhaps you could get someone here to make it for you depending on volume. However, Mindo does make single origin and can be found at Kathleen and Jim are great, they farm the beans in Ecuador and make the chocolate in Michigan. I believe they press their butter as i was able to get a small amout from them(not sure i'm supposed to tell) but she did it for a special occasion. Hope that helps!

Hi Sue,

I get my Ecuador chocolate from Pierrick at Vintage Plantations in Newark NJ. Excellent Chocolate!



I second what John says about Vintage Plantations, love the heck out of that chocolate. Also, Jerry at chocosphere is a good resource and informed me he ships to Canada. (he also carries Vintage Plantations).

Hi Sue,

WHere in Canada are you?  Agostoni makes an excellent Ecuador Origin couverture, and we have a distributor in BC.  I would happily get you more information.


Sue - what is the quantity of chocolate you're looking for?

We can now make single origin (farm, cooperative, region) chocolate per your formula, made here in country.  Small quantities (25 kgs or more) can be made. Please contact me for details at jeff at sternchocolates dot com.


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