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I currently own a Pub and am looking to join the chocolate industry, I have spent the past few years learning and experimenting and feel I am ready to start gathering some equipment.  I am looking for a small tempering machine to start, and am interested in panning, but haven't seen any equipment that is small or inexpensive.  I am also very interested in the bean to bar concept so any thing in that area would be great too.  If you think you may have anything that would be good for starting please send it my way.  My email is if that is easier for you.

P.S. My budget is rather small... Cheers!

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I have a coating pan... used to use it for test recipe work. In amazing shape. It attaches to the front of a kitchenaid mixer.


It's actually the same as here, though I didn't buy it from this company.



Looking for $275

I am very interested my email is


Is the panner still available?


Hi Dana,

We are BAKON USA Food Equipment, manufacturer and distributor of quality equipment for the last 20 years in the USA and 25 years in Europe.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our office is 310-533-3939 or I will give you a call tomorrow. You can see our small chocolate solutions at

Our next chocolate class is in June if you are interested.

Have a great day.


Hi Dana,

We have CocoaT melangers that can grind 1-10 lbs of cocoa nibs in one batch. We also have CocoaT mini Pregrinder for $149.99. We have 110V CocoaT Roasters - prices starting at $299.99 F.O.B. Atlanta. You can visit for more details.


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