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Hello. I am looking to buy a small used temper machine like the Rev 2. Anyone selling? Let me know. I am in the NY/CT area.

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I have the Rev 1 temper machine for sale. Its used and I will sell for $175 plus shipping. Its a great starter machine.

Hi Jessie:


I see you already got a reply about a small tempering machine - I am  not very sure how small the machine you are looking for but we have a Chocotec CT60 machine for sale (60 lbs capacity).  If that's what you are looking for, then give me a call and we can discuss this further.

Thank you,

Radita 905-265-2343

Thanks Phyllis and Jennifer. I am looking for something like the rev 2 or better.

Hey jessie I have a small little dipper temperer 10lbs.

How much are you selling it for? How old is it?

I have a 22 pound temperer, I may sell. I paid $900.00 for it very slightly used. It is from Realization Industries in Canada. I think I would let it go for $700.00 plus shipping. I wanted to use it to make white chocolate, but I'm just going to use my warming basket. I've had it for about a year and never used it.

DO you still have this item ? If so can i have Pics and make and model.

call my friend at union confection equipment. Ask for Jim Greenberg, tell him Grant sent you!!!

dont cut yourself short buy buying some small unit, Many say they are 10 pound units but that means they do ten pounds per hour, Youll end up making a few truffles then having to wait to temper over and over. A nice savage or other 25/50 pound unit will be cheap and PERFECT, you can temper and make your items then with the extra chocolate in the kettle make bars or other items. Time is money.!!!!


Hi Jessie,

I'm not sure if you bought a machine yet or not, but I have a chocovision revolution x3210 with extra bowl and extra holey baffle that I'm thinking about selling. Its only been used a few times and is almost new. let me know if you want more info. 



If Jessie is not interested in the Revolution, I definitely would be.  If it is still for sale, you can reach me at  Thanks so much!



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