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My Name is Tony & I have a small Chocolate company & I want to expand within the next 6 months. 

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Tony -

Has anyone got back to you on this? There is a special program for ChocolateLife members on FBM equipment. They have a number of small continuous tempering machines that feature enrober belts that are quite affordable. From order to delivery is typically 60 days - so the can definitely meet your need in that respect.

Hi, Clay I haven't heard from anyone , But I would like the info on the program you are talking about.

Thanks Tony

Hey tony.

I was talking to Ian at chocovision. They have built an enrober that mounts to the delta and 3210. Pretty small I imagine but a start. Also... I just saw one on eBay in placerville ca for 10,000. Looks good with an 8 inch belt. Long feeder but no cooling tunnel.

Just FYI.
Thanks I'll check.


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