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Hello all,

I am looking to get one of these babies. Does anybody have any suggestions about where I could find one for a reasonable price?

Molino Electrico De Granos Victoria




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Hi Charley. I've never seen one of these, but it's almost identical to an Olde Tyme Peanut Butter grinder. The only difference is that the PB grinder has a sheet metal casing for the motor and the grinding plates look a little different. These look like they are in a star pattern radiating from the center, while the PB grinder's plates have blades arranged in circles that fit inbetween one another.


You can get the PB grinder new here:


They also are frequently available used on Ebay and Craigslist. I bought an older model used on craigslist for about 1/5 of the price of a new one.

Thanks Ben. 

Do you grind cacao in your peanut grinder? Did you have to do any modifications to the grinding plates or anything?

I appreciate it,




Hi Charley. Yep, I use it to pregrind cacao before putting it into a melanger, and I've spoken with a couple other makers who do as well. I didn't do any modifications other than adjusting the opening a little bit.


I've been looking at these as an option for a small liquor grinder for some time now. Have you measured the particle size coming out of the pb grinder? Interested in knowing about where it is - and what your experience is with throughput as well as what the duty cycle is. Can you run these continuously for an extended period of time?

:: Clay 

Hi Clay,


I haven't measured the particle size, but it's definitely not liquor. It's more of a thick, chunky paste. I got it hoping that it would output a more flowing liquor, but it doesn't. I've attempted feeding the paste through again to get it closer, but ended up pregrinding a couple rubber spatulas. :)  Before that, though, it was smoother and getting closer to liquor, so it may work with a better tool to force the paste back through.


Throughput is around 2lbs a minute. The most I've run through at one time is about 15 lbs, but I don't think it'd have any problem running for an extended time. The paste comes out at around 110 degrees F.



It may be harder to find one used, but I'd definitely recommend getting the new version if you can. The new version (PN2) has an upgraded motor that can burn through all of the nibs without having to feed it slowly. It also makes less noise, is NSF certified, and doesn't seem to trip the breaker like our old one used to. 


We measured the micron size once and it was fairly large (300 I believe), but the grinder is adjustable though we've used the factory settings just fine. A few beans (ones with more fat I believe) come out almost like a liquid, but generally it's more like paste. We recently posted a video in case you want to see what it looks like in action:



Thanks for posting the video on the peanut grinder. I'd heard about the issues related to it seizing potentially, so I am happy to hear that the newer version seems to have addressed these issues.

Also took a look at your sorter/winnower prototype and it looks robust so thanks for posting that video too. I watched the video about machining the parts for the sorting table, any chances of seeing photos of the finished table?

:: Clay

Sure, here you go:  and here in use:


It's basically the same as a standard wooden box with a screen, but made with foodsafe HDPE and food-grade sealant.


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