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Slightly east of Huixtla, Mexico (extreme south) is an old cacao orchard in pretty good shape, but needs cleaning.

The owner by recent inheritance is a gent about 50 yrs of age, with a degree in electrical engineering. It is over a hundred hectares, and it is  mostly what they simply call in Huixtla, the cacao criollo, pink seeded, a rarity amongst all the purple seeds.

This gent is pretty spry, has lived here all his life and would love to have some investment. He sells some cacao, pays for help around harvest time and of course works himself.
The shade trees in his grove include coconut palms and rubber trees, last tapped maybe 40 yrs ago. Several springs. I must say, the feeling is wonderful with these old, tall, valuable trees.

Part of what he and i talked about was a deal in which he would trade some of his land in return for help; that is, he said he would sell some of his land. He'd like a good neighbor. And likely he would BE one.
I'm NOT here to tell anyone that the very old time criollo types are superior to the ubiquitous forastero. In fact the purple color of the forasteros are surely more loaded with ORAC, and all that colored goodness that nature provides-- moreso than the pale colors associated with criollos.

But I am interested in the tastes of the criollo. And it looks like they need some help to survive. Exploring small boundaries, and working with farmers, for whom I have a lot of empathy.

I have no desire to get into this deal myself. No financial benefits here for me. I'd just like to see something good happen with this....

Let me know offlist if you are seriously interested, for more details
     J Sandy Hepler

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You have peeked my interest. What kind of investment are you looking at?
Tim Moore
Hi Tim--
This is open-ended. I'm ready to get out of the way! If "what kind of investment" means "how much money", better say it loud and clear.
Anyone serious would need to just go dwon there, harvest time would be good, which in Mexcio will start maybe mid-October or November. With maybe $30k, you could Begin to do some damage.
And more than just money, it is just crying for some hands-on, actual work, and design. In the best case, this could soak up a good bit more. But o what value

Hi Sandy,


We are not in any position in terms of money for this, as we're just trying to get off the ground here. However, this sounds EXTREMELY interesting, and I didnt even realize this was you until I saw your name at the end. Im working with an investor at the moment to acquire my own melanger so that I can process bean to bar, & Ive been wanting to journey into Southern Mexico. I would love to make this connection and, if I can, travel down there during harvest and work trade just for the experience/connection, and possibly for some criollo beans! Of course, this is further complicated by my having a daughter now, but still, this is exactly the kind of thing Ive been looking for.




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