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Cleaning house so here goes

Poly carbonate chocolate molds - would like $10 per unit and I would like to sell in multiples.

2- Clown

10 - Half Spheres

5 - Pumpkins

3 - Magnetic Spoons

2- Mount Blanc

8 - Hedge Hogs

2 - Small Bar

2 - Large Bar

4- Leaning Tower of Pisa

3 - Pocket Watch

Lucite Ganache Frames $10 each. I would like to sell a bunch at a time

Maybe 35 or so

I can ship USPS or FedEx

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do the ganache frames work well with caramel or other centers besides ganache?


The frames will hold any center you pour into them - Jellies,caramel, ganache .


Ok I would like 4 of them. what type of payment do you prefer?

I'd be intersted in a few of the frames and maybe a few molds.  Sent a friend request so I can send a message to discuss.

I ll take all of your ganache frames.

Send me a private message with your info.

Work 215-627-3233 x 4

Ganache frames are sold.

Thank You

Any of the molds left? Would be interested if they are.


Molds are available - might be easier to call.



215-627-3233 x 4

Hi there,

I am interested in buying the polycarbonate mold: 1 of each

Still have any of these left?

Hi Are the Ganache frames still available, would you consider shipping to New Zealand



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