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I have 10 polycarbonate truffle molds and 1 silicon ganache mold for sale.

7- domes, 32 pcs ea. Very good for coloring. Asking $17 ea.

3 - oblong wedges, 36 pcs ea. Can be seen in Greweling, p. 143 Unique and elegant shape. $17 ea,

1 silicone ganache mold/mat. Makes 1" round ganache centers. $40  ($64 new)

Or $200 for whole lot + shipping from New Mexico.

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Hi Steve

What diameter are the domes (poly mold)? Are they from Chocolate World?



I'm also interested in the dome molds if they are chocolate world's #CW2295

I think I got them from Tomric.  The number on the mold is 6402. 

Tomric item # is I-1433.  1" diameter, app. 15 g filled weight

If I bought all three oblongs would you take 15 each?

Yes. Shipping will be about $5.send me a message for my direct e- mail.


This sounds dumb, but where do I find it?

Invite me to be a " at the top of the page.


What is the height of the dome moulds?

These molds are still available. Here are some pics of the chocolates I made with these molds:

Hello. Are your dome molds still available? Thanks

Yes they are. Drop me an e-mail at

Good morning do you have the wedge molds available and how many


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