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Update August 23, 2012: Thanks for everyone who inquired about the molds. I just wanted to post an update that they've been sold. So has the RevDelta tempering machine.

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The magnetic molds are 18 each as well?

Do you have a number I can call you at? I see a few that I would like to buy.

Hi, Mike, would like to buy the following.  I am in the Boston area.  Thank you!

Done CW2116

Sq Magnetic



Dome 2295

Hi Catherine,

The magnetic molds have all been sold, so has 3 of the CW2116 domes. I still have one of those and all of the CW2295 domes, plus several others. Feel free to call/text or email if you're still interested.


Hi Mike,

Since the post is now 6 days old, I realize your molds might be gone. If not, I am interested in what ever you have left.  Thanks!

Hi Kay,

I still have several available. Email me at and I will send you an updated list.



I am also interested in your moulds. Round MA 1618 , Square CW2116, and Square Magnetic PPI000L0S. Email,

Hi Solis,

The magnetic square molds have been sold. I do have the others you are interested in. Email me at or you can call/text 703-395-3012. I am also attaching an updated list if anyone else is interested in what molds I still have available.



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