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            Cacao Raffle!!!     Proof-of-the-Chocolate Pudding
    Last fall I offered to send 2kg samples of USDA certified organic, 8-day fermented cacao Indio to 5 lucky winners of a raffle-- in return for their public assessment in the Chocolate Life. This cacao is now in my hands. I will open up mylist for entries by email for two weeks, until January 26, then drawnames out of a hat.

     Note: As these cacaos reach no higherthan 120ºF in the fermentation process, I assume they can be properlycalled "raw" in their present pre-roasted state.

     If you areamong the unlucky raffle losers, you may buy this cacao @ $10 /poundplus some shipping charge. Min. order 5 lbs   
      Business may be conducted with me by email:   
More details may be seen at the Science Group here in the ChocolateLife

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