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Cacao Barry New Square Design Chocolate Molds.

25 cavities/mold

28mm x 28mm x 10mm Chocolates

68 molds on hand.

Never used!!!!

Retail price $22

Sale for $12/mold or $750/68 molds

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I'd like a few, any idea of shipping costs?  Thanks!


Depending the weight and quantity and where i will ship them


I would like to buy either 3 or 4, depending upon shipping costs, does not need to be super fast shipping.  My zip is 23117.  Do you accept PayPal?  Please email me at  Thanks!


I would like 4.  Please email with payment options at  Thank you.

Jayne Hoadley

I would like two.  My email is:    Please let me know how you want to be paid. 



i'm interested in 6-10 molds. what is the cost of transport to EU?

please contact



Still have not heard from you.  If you send me an email with shipping costs for 3 and 4 and method of payment, I will decide how many I want and pay you.  Please send me an email at  Thanks.


Has anyone had a response?

Hello everyone,

All the molds are sold out!

Thank you

sad :( but happy for you :)

Are the molds still available?

Hello Larry, I do have molds available for sale, actually I have the beige ones and some white ones which are a bit smaller than the beige mold. I will call you tomorrow to discuss this, I would have to do a count to give you a number of how many I really have left. Best regards Helmut


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