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Save the Chocolate Tour, Oct 15-Dec 1, 2010
    Cacao and chocolate originated in Central America. Their criollo types of cacao are known globally as the "flavor beans", generally considered the most complex, and finest in the world. Chocolates made from these beans have amazing tastes.
    In Nicaragua today, the very old varieties of cacao are being phased out in favor of the new high-yielding hybrids. The greatest incentive for small farmers to save their old varieties is premium prices for sorted cacaos.
    The harvest, beginning in October, includes "cacao indio"; "cacao criollo"; cacao blanco, some of which originated in Mayan times.
    I’ll be hosting chocolate lovers for a week, or several weeks, your choice. We will have full access to the cacao harvest, fermentation on the farm, and then roasting, and chocolate making in our kitchen in Granada.
    The Save the Chocolate tour will happen between Oct. 15 and Dec 1, 2010. You choose the time and length of your stay.         or

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Sounds Amazing! I wish we could afford this, but trying to get our business off the ground, I dont think this is in the cards for us this year. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!




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