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There is a table tempering machine that allow to improve productivity without spending a lot of money and juast with 4 kgs bowl.


With the continuous tempering process (heating in the bowl, cooling in the screw pumt) this is possible. For further information please visit


Or e-mail me.



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     That sure is a cute little machine; how much does it sell for?


I am in touch with Giuseppe on this. I would not recommend purchasing directly from Italy for any number of reasons. I have asked for (among other things) if there is a US distributor.

:: Clay

Hi Clay. Did you get any further info on this?

Ben - The sales coordinator was on holiday and just got back to me. I will let you know what I find out.
Thanks Clay.
Any further news on this machine?

Any further news on this unit?  Do they have a distributor in the US?  Clay, are you going to distribute these?


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