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For Sale:  7.5mm Dedy guitar cutter base (no plastic!) and 22.5mm frame (possibility of selling 30mm frame as well). Hilliard's little dipper melter/tempering unit. Both used and in excellent condition. Operating manual for Hilliard's included.


Will sell the pair for $2,200 plus shipping. 30mm frame is $450 extra. My preference is to sell as a package deal but will consider splitting them. I'm in NC and will ship within US and possibly Canada.

Serious inquiries only!

Please email me at

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Please let me know if you split these items.  I already have a little dipper and just interested in the guitar. This is a serious reply. 

David Smith


i will let you know. thanks for your interest. i'm in the process of calculating shipping costs for someone who wants both, and one other person has indicated interest in just the guitar - but one never knows. once i have some answers i will do a follow-up post here so you and others can see status.




Hi Casey,


I would love to buy a copy of the Little Dipper manual if you could make one or create a PDF before you sell/ship yours. 

I also asked about chocolate going up over the rim if you put in a 2.2kg bag you have to put lots less than that in at the start? What's your experience



Call hillard and I'm sure they will send you a manual, for free if not for a nominal price. I have two, there not that great I would send it to u easy in a fax- no problem. Does the machine have a digital thermostat?

Hi Sarah,


No, it is an older one, but it works very well.  There is a thermometer that controls the heat but no digital display.  I'm just stupid about stuff like whether the heat the chocolate before starting to rotate the bowl and other such basics that the lack of a manual would straighten out.  My fax, at the office, is 202 488 0754 -- attention Molly, if you have the time at some point to fax me a copy.  The candy turned out wonderfully yesterday, but one thing or another I still don't understand the machine well and made a mess -- and had to take some chocolate out an work it on marble and put it back to get it in temper, which is suppose to be the machine's job.  But I'll attribute that to my lack of experience with it -- and no instructions. Thanks so much.  Molly

sarah - thanks for offering to send the manual. it's been hectic here with christmas, family and a house full of sick kids. just now viewing the messages.


molly - good luck w/ working through your problems. i have found that i can tweak the hilliard by having it melt at a higher melt point than the manual suggests and then lowering it to my final tempering point after adding seed. i use both block and disc chocolates. sometimes the chocolate discs do want to hop out of the bowl, but i just scrape it back in. nothing too scientific - just working with the machine's idiosyncracies. 




Casey, I am interested in purchasing the little dipper if you are willing to split the pair, since others have expressed interest in the guitar only.  I am in SC so depending where you are in NC I could even pick up instead of your having to ship.  Please let me know!  Thank you,  Patti

Hey Molly,

I'm so sorry I haven't sent you the manual! I was out of town for a while and then I just got caught up in things and forgot. I promise to send it to you Monday!


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